Lady Vengeance

First Published: January 2003
Published By: Robert Hale & Regency Reads

“With blood did we pay for this. In blood shall I return it” 

England in 1753 is a dangerous place. King George II sits uneasily upon his throne, fearful of another Jacobite uprising and many noblemen play upon these fears in their quest for power. Among them is Guy Morellon, Marquis of Thurleigh, hated and feared, and almost unassailable, but when Madame Elinor de Sange returns to England, bent on revenge, he finds himself pitted against a dangerous adversary. For Elinor has the bloodstone, a fiery ruby that holds the key to his destruction and that of the other men who ruined her life eight years earlier.
But revenge carries a high price, and Elinor finds she is no longer the Lady of Stone. She must learn to trust – and to forgive – if bitterness is not to destroy her.