Dance for a Diamond

First Published: September 2005
Published By: Robert Hale & Kindle

Antonia Venn describes herself as a very average sort of female, “…average height, average colouring – a poor little dab of a girl, nothing to win the heart of a man of fortune or fashion!” In a bid for independence she decides to open a dancing school in Bath, despite the misgivings of her family. Antonia is persuaded to take the beautiful Isabella Burstock as a pupil, a decision that puts her on a collision course with the young heiress’s autocratic brother……………

Out of a Europe torn by the Napoleonic Wars came one of the most popular dances of all time, the waltz. The early form of this dance began with a slow movement, “la marche”, followed by the quicker “Sauteuse” and ending with the “Jetté”, an energetic third movement. Dance for a Diamond follows this form. NOW AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK