A Lady at Midnight

First Published: January 2005
Published By: Kindle

When Amelia Langridge accepts an invitation to stay in London as companion to the beautiful Camilla Strickland, her thoughts are merely to enjoy herself a little before settling down as the wife of the dull but dependable Edmund Crannock. Camilla’s intention is to capture a rich and noble husband, and when she attracts the attention of the pleasure-loving Earl Rossleigh and it seems that she will realise her ambition, but the earl is intent on another, much more dangerous quarry, and it is the level-headed Amelia who finds herself caught up in the earl’s tangled affairs…

Melinda Hammond sends her characters on a merry dance through the Georgian world of duels and dancing, breathless adventure and sparkling romance.

“For anybody tired of battle of the sexes stories and alpha males this most engaging tale will be a tonic.” (Myshelf.com)