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To Marry a Marquis
First Published: February 2018
Published By: Robert Hale & Kindle
TO MARRY A MARQUIS - OR an Exercise in Logic England 1803: Elliot Malvern, seventh Marquis of Ullenwood is very content with his bachelor lifestyle, spending his fortune on the pleasurable pursuits of gambling and mistresses. Rosamond Beaumarsh is determined to remain unmarried and independent. What, then, could persuade them to plunge together into an adventure that carries them to post-revolutionary Paris, and into a headlong flight across France? Only the exercise of logic. The pair embark upon a romantic adventure and learn that rational thought has very little to do with true love… Author's Note: In "To Marry a Marquis" we meet a relative of the infamous nobleman who appears in The Wayward Miss Wyckenham. The new Marquis of Ullenwood is every bit as charming as his predecessor, who beguiled me into writing this book for him! First published as A RATIONAL ROMANCE BY Robert Hale in 2009
The Duke and the Debutante (formerly The Bargain)
First Published: October 2016
Published By: Kindle

'When I do not care for your fortune... what else could possibly aid your suit?'

Fashionable London in the 1780s is a hotbed of vice and scandal, and the notorious Duke of Aldringham retreats to Bath in order to let talk of his latest affair die down. There, he meets Melissa Langham, a penniless but spirited orphan, who scorns his advances. Unable to resist such a challenge, the Duke is determined to win her affections, and finds himself battling with a protagonist every bit as strong-willed as himself. The Duke & The Debutante was originally published as "The Bargain" by Robert Hale in 2002.
Will he succeed?

Four Regency Seasons
First Published: March 2016
Published By: Kindle
Four sparkling romances by award-winning Melinda Hammond SPRING AWAKENING SUMMER CHARADE AUTUMN BRIDE WINTER INHERITANCE
The Wayward Miss Wyckenham
First Published: January 2016
Published By: Kindle

Miss Clarissa Wyckenham comes to London to join her pretty step-mama and finds that Mama-Nell has formed a discreet club for ladies. Soon she is pitched headlong into the deliciously wicked antics of the Belles Dames Club, and finds herself in conflict with the disapproving Lord Alresford…..

A sparkling comedy of romance and adventure set at the end of the eighteenth century, The Wayward Miss Wyckenham was originally published as "The Belles Dames Club" by Robert Hale in 2007.

And The Stars Shine Down
First Published: October 2014
Published By: Melinda Hammond

This is Laura Grantham's big chance, reporting on the first flight of a Spitfire that was lost for 70 years.  But the story that unfolds is one Laura can never write. Who would ever believe her? 

A bitter sweet romance of two people who should have been separated by a lifetime….

"Thoroughly researched and beautifully written, this touching tale will stay in your memory long after you’ve finished it." - Katie Fforde
Casting Samson
First Published: October 2011
Published By: Carina Press

Finding your boyfriend in the shower with another woman isn't high on Deborah Kemerton's "best birthday presents ever" list. Her life in London shattered, she retreats to her sleepy hometown to heal her broken heart. There, she's quickly swept up in planning a pageant to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the village church. Tasked with casting the perfect Samson, Deborah may have found her man in Josh Lancaster—onstage and off…
Fellow committee member Anne Lindsay is convinced a 12th-century crusader is buried under St. John'sMOONSHADOWS is a Melinda Hammond with a difference - it is a dual time novel, set in the Georgian Period and the present day. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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First Published: January 2008
Published By: Robert Hale

Lucasta Symonds did not enjoy her one, short London Season. She hated the Marriage Mart and is happy to remain at home while her younger sister Camilla sets out to make an advantageous marriage. 


Viscount Kennington takes one look at the beautiful Camilla and is immediately smitten.  He follows her to London, determined to make her his wife.  However, when events take a turn for the worse and he is accused of a cold-blooded murder, it is not Camilla who comes to his rescue but the less beautiful, much more practical Lucasta.....

Gentlemen in Question
First Published: January 2006
Published By: Kindle

The story begins at the harbour in Rye, Sussex on a blustery November day in 1792. Madeleine Sedgewick is meeting her cousin, one of the many French aristocrats forced by the Revolution to leave their homeland. Madeleine's life so far has been uneventful, but with the arrival of the Comte du Viviere she finds herself entangled in a dangerous web of intrigue and suspicion and she has to decide if her cousin is a victim or a villain.

Dance for a Diamond
First Published: September 2005
Published By: Robert Hale & Kindle

Antonia Venn describes herself as a very average sort of female, “…average height, average colouring – a poor little dab of a girl, nothing to win the heart of a man of fortune or fashion!” In a bid for independence she decides to open a dancing school in Bath, despite the misgivings of her family. Antonia is persuaded to take the beautiful Isabella Burstock as a pupil, a decision that puts her on a collision course with the young heiress’s autocratic brother……………

Out of a Europe torn by the Napoleonic Wars came one of the most popular dances of all time, the waltz. The early form of this dance began with a slow movement, “la marche”, followed by the quicker “Sauteuse” and ending with the “Jetté”, an energetic third movement. Dance for a Diamond follows this form. NOW AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK

A Lady at Midnight
First Published: January 2005
Published By: Kindle

When Amelia Langridge accepts an invitation to stay in London as companion to the beautiful Camilla Strickland, her thoughts are merely to enjoy herself a little before settling down as the wife of the dull but dependable Edmund Crannock. Camilla's intention is to capture a rich and noble husband, and when she attracts the attention of the pleasure-loving Earl Rossleigh and it seems that she will realise her ambition, but the earl is intent on another, much more dangerous quarry, and it is the level-headed Amelia who finds herself caught up in the earl's tangled affairs…

Melinda Hammond sends her characters on a merry dance through the Georgian world of duels and dancing, breathless adventure and sparkling romance.

"For anybody tired of battle of the sexes stories and alpha males this most engaging tale will be a tonic." (

Winter Inheritance (was The Highclough Lady)
First Published: January 2004
Published By: Kindle

Governess Verity Shore longs for a little adventure, then Rafe Bannerman arrives to carry her off to Highclough and Verity discovers that life can be a little too exciting! An estate the edge of the wild Yorkshire Moors, Highclough is Verity's inheritance, but she soon discovers that the land is coveted not only by her handsome cousin Luke but also by Rafe Bannerman and soon her very life is in danger…..

A lively tale of intrigue and romance in the turbulent final years of the eighteenth century.

Lady Vengeance
First Published: January 2003
Published By: Robert Hale & Regency Reads

“With blood did we pay for this. In blood shall I return it"

England in 1753 is a dangerous place. King George II sits uneasily upon his throne, fearful of another Jacobite uprising and many noblemen play upon these fears in their quest for power. Among them is Guy Morellon, Marquis of Thurleigh, hated and feared, and almost unassailable, but when Madame Elinor de Sange returns to England, bent on revenge, he finds himself pitted against a dangerous adversary. For Elinor has the bloodstone, a fiery ruby that holds the key to his destruction and that of the other men who ruined her life eight years earlier.
But revenge carries a high price, and Elinor finds she is no longer the Lady of Stone. She must learn to trust - and to forgive - if bitterness is not to destroy her.

The Dream Chasers
First Published: January 2003
Published By: incl Robert Hale, Regency Reads

In this enchanting romance, we meet again the characters from an earlier novel, Autumn Bride, as well as delightful new ones in a plot that carries the reader at breathtaking speed to its final, suprising conclusion.

When Vivyan Lagallan decides it is time to settle down, Fate has other ideas. One last adventure literally drops into his arms in the form of the spirited Miss Eustacia Marchant. Eustacia is determined to marry Rupert Alleyne, while Vivyan is engaged to the beautiful and highly respectable Helen Pensford. Into this volatile mixture comes Vivyan's adventuring colleague, Nathan MacCauley, intent on making a respectable alliance....

Maid of Honour
First Published: September 2002
Published By: kINDLE, Robert Hale, Linford, Regency Reads

When her mother is incapacitated, Lucilla Chambers reluctantly agrees to take her place and act as chaperone to her sister, the beautiful young widow, Lady Lairne. Her attempts to protect her sister bring Lucilla into conflict with the notorious Dominic Vanderley and soon she finds that it is her own honour that is threatened. She flees to the safety of her childhood home, but soon she is caught up in the hasty preparations for war. With Napoleon Bonaparte marching through France towards his fate, a shadow hangs over Europe, a shadow that will touch Lucilla’s young life with tragedy and suffering before she can find the happiness that she is seeking.

Autumn Bride
First Published: January 1983
Published By: Kindle

When Major Lagallan suggests to Miss Caroline Hetton that she should marry his young brother, she can hardly believe her good fortune, and at first sight Vivyan Lagallan seems to be the perfect bridegroom; young, charming and exceedingly handsome. Yet upon close acquaintance, Caroline is disturbed by his wild, restless spirit and discovers that he has a taste for excitement that eventually endangers not only his life, but hers too.
In this sparkling adventure we meet characters who reappear in a subsequent book, The Dream Chasers.

Summer Charade
First Published: September 1982
Published By: Kindle

In Georgian England, arranged marriages were a practical way of repairing a family’s fortunes, but when Miss Christine Harpollet learns she is to be sacrificed upon the matrimonial altar, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Christina’s conduct plunges her into a series of adventures, from which she is finally extricated by the kindness of Lord Malshangar and his family, but even when she thinks herself safe, her erstwhile suitor is seeking a terrible revenge.